I AM my father

(in pre-production)
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how to Back this film

The funding for this project will be focused on set design and hiring professional actors, as opposed to spending funding on gear, equipment, and a large crew.

Since this story takes place over the course of Cain’s childhood and into his 20s, it’s important to get the right actors that look like their older and younger selves.
Your support helps make this film a success.
$35: Get Access to an unreleased short film "Brother"
$75: Access to short film & Early Premiere tickets to the feature film
$250: All the above + Producer credit in film
$1,000: All the above + Private screening, Special thanks in credits

Get Involved on set

If this project sounds like one you’d love to be a part of and have in your portfolio of film production work, I’d love to see where you can fit in this project and discuss your involvement.
Email me: Cory@behindthefilm.com

Follow the film’s Progress

I’ve just created social accounts on Twitter and Instagram to help build a following around the interest in the film.

Would love to share the fun happenings with you there! I’ll still keep you up to date with occasional emails on the newsletter.